Keverne Dewick

Woodturning courses

Woodturning Courses

What happens on a woodturning course?

Keverne Dewicks courses are truly hands on; students spend 90 per cent of the course actually turning wood. Over two days, the one to one course covers everything the student needs to develop this engaging pastime. Advice on what equipment to buy and safety is followed by studying spindle turning, including the sharpening of tools and how to produce features such as beads and coves.

On the second day, the course moves on to bowl turning, with the student very quickly producing their own piece. This part covers areas such as the use of chucks, different cuts with the bowl gouge and finishing the completed bowl.

The focus is very much on the individual student: once core skills have been acquired, participants are encouraged to produce pieces according to their goals and abilities. Keverne will teach students to follow drawings and turn pieces ranging from bowls to lamp bases to spirals.

A woodturning course makes an excellent gift or “experience day”. Course vouchers are individually produced to make ideal presents.

The course costs £285 for two days.

Alternatively, a one-day “refresher” course (or for someone who already has woodturning experience) is £175.

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