Keverne Dewick

Bespoke furniture Norfolk

Commissioning a piece of Keverne Dewick’s furniture is a collaborative process. Artist works alongside client to glean as much information as possible and produce pieces that truly meet customers’ needs.

Bespoke Furniture

You might have an idea for a piece of furniture. You might have gone as far as producing plans or sketches. Perhaps you have an existing item that you would like to match. Alternatively, you may have seen Keverne Dewick’s bespoke furniture and appreciate the Arts and Crafts influences. Keverne will consider the timbers and styles of what you might already have in your house, and the dimensions of a property too (it’s all very well designing an enormous bed, but you need to make sure you can get it up the stairs). From initial drawing to finished piece typically takes around four months, while bespoke kitchens can take longer.

Keverne Dewick's furniture

Keverne designs and builds chairs, tables, dining suites, cabinets, sideboards, beds, kitchen islands, storage units and complete kitchens. His creative solutions mean even the smallest space can be enhanced with bespoke furniture. For example, half-depth cupboards maximise storage in galley kitchens. Furniture can be delivered throughout Britain.

Commission your own piece of bespoke furniture